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Scope of Accreditation


Laboratory : Hi-Tech Laboratory & Services, Bhopal

Accreditation Certificate No.: CC-2689 (Electro-Technical, Mechanical & Thermal Calibration)

Scope of Accreditation


Laboratory accreditation demonstrates competence, impartiality, performance capability and international acceptance, if you are responsible for ensuring your company’s product and service quality you will know that getting it right first time, every time paramount - and that the commercial and legal consequences of getting it wrong don’t bear thinking about. Find out how HTLS can help you get it right. Hear are four reasons why using the services of an accredited calibration laboratory, like ours, can give you confidence that your information is accurate …


1. You can minimise the risk of unreliable results;

2. Because we us internationally recognised methods of calibration you will have data which is accepted by pretty much any regulatory body; any where in the country;

3. In the unlikely event of litigation, the use of an accredited laboratory is a powerful demonstration in court that you have exercised all due diligence in the selection and appointment of a laboratory;

4. Using HTLS could save your money: unreliable results may lead to expensive re- calibration.


Our goal is to deliver an error free product every time. Out independent QA department routinely inspects and audits our lab facilities, systems & procedures to ensure that HTLS operates in compliance with current regulations. Each calibration report is thoroughly checked by QA staff for compliance with laboratory policies, requirements and it is also checked for any possible errors or inconsistencies before being approved for release to the client. The laboratory is continuously audited and inspected by regulatory bodies to ensure on-going compliance. These audits also provide opportunities for the sharing of ideas and solutions to any issues, which may arise.

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